Storage Tips

In the middle of a move, downsizing, or relocating? Or perhaps you are a local business requiring on-site storage for equipment and inventory? As a local portable storage provider servicing Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island since 2007, we know a thing or two about storage. Take a moment to review our helpful storage tips to make renting a portable storage unit from Unit2Go easier! Call and reserve your unit today at 631-734-2166! Still have questions? Contact us!

Moving and Packing Storage Tips:

  • When packing, remember that smaller boxes are best for heavy items like books, and larger boxes should be used for lighter items.
  • Pack boxes tightly to keep things from shifting around and seal them up with packing tape to protect them from dust and moisture.
  • Always place heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter ones on top to avoid crushing and increase stability.
  • Never pack more than 30 pounds of books in a box.
  • When packing fragile items, wrap each piece separately in bubble wrap, then store in a large box filled with bubble wrap or packing peanuts for extra protection.

Clothing Storage:

  • Keep clothes in good condition by hanging them in wardrobe boxes or plastic garment bags.

Bed Frame and Mattress:

  • If you’re disassembling your bed frame, label each piece for easier reassembly. Protect mattresses with plastic covers.
Unit2Go portable storage units stacked neatly on pavement under a blue sky
a Unit2Go portable storage unit on-site at a home undergoing renovation

Furniture and Appliances:

  • Rent or buy an appliance dolly to make moving furniture, appliances, and heavy boxes easier. Remember, moving these items is usually not a one-person job, so make sure to have help.
  • For major appliances, check your user manuals for specific moving instructions and safety tips.
  • Always clean and dry the interiors of appliances before storage to prevent any potential mold growth.

Artwork, Mirrors, and Lamps:

  • Protect artwork and mirrors by wrapping them in paper and covering them with cardboard. When storing lamps, remove bulbs and any removable parts to avoid damage during transit.

Portable Storage Unit Tips:

  • To prevent damage during transit, secure items in place with bungee cords or straps.
  • Place heavier items at the bottom and towards the front of the portable unit for stability during transport.
  • Use furniture blankets to protect items from scratching or denting during the move.